Pan Jazz Radio

Presented and Produced by D’Vine.

Pan Jazz Radio is brought to you by The pan Jazz Network, on behalf of The Pan Cafe.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Mrs Mayling Aleong, Gerald Forsyth and Pan Legend Mr Ken “Professor” Philmore.

01- Eastern Standard Time – Bright Eyes – Victor Provost

02- 720 – Jazz Pan – Doug Walker

03- Beach Bum – Melting Pot – Steel Pan Fusion Feat Wade Austin & David Vine

04- Just Like Lovers Do (Radio Edit) – The Mark Cherrie Quartet

05- Talua Klaman – African Moods – The Grassroots Feat Dave Reynolds

06- Uma Palavra – Let’s Go Butterfly – Susannah Flack

07- Mind Your 3’s and 2’s – One Track Mind – Jonathan Scales

08- Go With The Flow – Element Consol Version – Chris “Krushar” Patterson

09- The Chicken – Jazz@ThePanCafe Vol 1 – The Pan Cafe Quartet Feat D’Vine

10- Red Beans And Rice – In Touch – Ray Holman

11- Time To Move On – Time To Move On – Rudy Smith

12- Enchantment – Brand New Mischief – Leon “Foster” Thomas

13- Black & Forth – Blues Lypso – Daniel Louis

14- Mabouya – Sakesho – Sakesho Feat Andy Narell

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